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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is: https://nesteashop.com.

We protect your privacy:

To protect your privacy, we Our clear and unambiguous privacy statement explains that we keep all of the data you share with us. No one ever receives your personal information for sale, rental, loan, or any other kind of distribution. Both your contact information and specific order information are included in this. We only let people who truly require access to data. Within our organization, only a small number of employees with the proper access rights have access to your personal information. Even though we may occasionally produce general demographic statistics based on your order, this information is only shared inside our company and is not associated with any specific individuals.

Observations made:

You must provide the necessary information about yourself in order to place a purchase on our website: Your first and last names, address, city, state, country, zip code, contact information (phone and email), and address. Additionally, our systems automatically log information about your computer’s internet connection, including your IP address, whenever you access our website. Your IP address does not directly link to your identity. We use this data to respond to your requests for our web pages, customize our website based on your interests, count visits to our site, and determine the countries from which visitors come. Any data we collect on you won’t be used by anyone without your permission, not even other members, visitors, or people from outside our company.

Modification of Information:

You can edit your personal information at any time by using the Edit Profile feature on our website.

There are never any extra charges when you shop at Nestea Shop. The given costs are set and all-inclusive. The cost to you will be exactly what is stated on the product page.